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What to Expect From Meditation

Increased peace of mind
Intuitive capabilities will open up
Lowered blood pressure
Reduced heart rate
Increased ability to concentrate and focus
Improved grades/work output
Improvement in moral values
Closer connection with nature
Desire to preserve nature
More beauty in the world
Improved relationships
You will get to know self
You will be calmer
Easier to see the Truth that pervades all
Deeper understanding of All That Is
More miracles will begin to come into your life

Basic Meditation Technique

Think of Meditation as becoming incredibly aware of where YOU are and then taking one step to the rear and moving into Observation mode.

Most meditations have these things in common:

1. Relax. Many different techniques for this.

2. Focus your attention. Use your breath, a mantra, physical sensation, etc.

3. Connect. This is usually the "working" part of the meditation. This is where you connect to your guides or higher self, repair your chakras, send healing energy, or whatever the purpose of this meditation.

4. Return. Some meditations include grounding in this part.

Relaxation is the most important key. A good way to practice meditation is to practice progressive relaxation first. The trick is to catch yourself from falling asleep. You can train this "muscle" easier by sitting up to do the exercise or by not lying down in the same space in which you sleep. Moving into the deeper levels of yourself is something at which you already have practice. You do it every night (or whenever you sleep). Now you must develop the habit of completely relaxing while remaining alert and wide awake.

Conscious breathing is a tool used both as a relaxation technique and as a focus. Counted breath techniques are often taught as a method of entering into a meditative state.

Try this meditation exercise as a connection to your own highest and finest parts - for all are connected.

Begin with conscious attention to the breath.

Tell yourself to relax and close your eyes.

Imagine that roots are growing from your feet.

Imagine traveling to the center of the Earth.

Use the in breath to draw in the finest quality of oxygen.

Use the out breath to release any negativity.


Allow any remaining negativity charged energy to drain away through your root system for recycling in the center of the Earth.

Focus on your breath and notice your relaxation.

Repeat a mantra or some other positive affirmation.

Take another long slow inhale and exhale and

Imagine that the Earth now returns positive energy to you.

This recycled and revitalized energy is more than enough
to completely fill every atom of your being.


Sense that warm positive energy filling you from the feet up to the top of your head.

Relax and enjoy this full positive feeling.

When you are ready open your eyes, stretch and say thank you.

Meditation to Clear Chakras

This meditation can be done at work on a break. For more information on chakras, see link at left.

Sit comfortably at desk with hands, palm upwards on the desktop and feet slightly apart and flat on the floor. If possible take your shoes off for a more sensitive focus.

Begin to take deep/slow breaths and focus your mind and body on total relaxation. Visualise a ball of pure white light filling your crown chakra and spreading cleansing light throughout your crown area.

Continuing to breath in a slow/deep rythm, focus your attention now on your brow chakra and visualise this light cleansing your brow area and throughout your entire head.

Next move on to your throat and imagine a ball of pure white light filling your throat chakra and cleansing your entire throat area.

Feel the cleansing as a part of yourself. Know that with every in breath you are taking in cleansing light to that area and with every out breath you are disguarding all unclean and negative energies.

Next move down to your heart area and imagine the ball of pure white light filling your heart chakra and cleansing your entire heart area, feel the cleansing light filling your whole heart/chest area and your upper body and head, feel the warmth of the healing light.

Focus the healing ball of light upon your solar plexus chakra and imagine the entire area including your upper body to be filling with this cleansing white light.

Continue to breath slowly and easily and focus upon your sacral chakra in the abdominal area and feel the whole sacral and upper body area filling with cleansing white light.

Finally focus upon your base chakra area and imagine the entire area both above and below filling with cleansing white light. Feel the clean/warmth of the light.

Continuing to breathe evenly focus your attention on your entire self and gather the white cleansing light together again in a ball centred in your base chakra area.

Slowly move the ball of cleansing light up your entire body through each chakra from the base chakra and right up through the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and finally in through the crown chakra. Let the cleansing light just be in the crown chakra for a moment. Then imagine the cleansing light bursting forth from the crown chakra and sending healing/cleansing energy out to where it is needed.

Focus your attention again upon your breathing and bring your entire self back to a regular/easy breathing rythm. Allow yourself to come back when your body tells you that you are ready. This should take a couple of minutes.

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